A Response to Sickness

As invincible as I truly believe I am it turns out that my immune system feels differently. After my crazy-ass week last week of no sleep and constant work despite how much fun I had doing that work I have finally fallen victim to the sickness that everyone seems to be suffering through here in South Florida. It is probably due to the bi-polar weather conditions we are experiencing with rain half the day and insufferable heat the other half but whatever reasons they are it fucking sucks. No I am not sick like finding myself purging up every meal I eat sick but more like coughing, exhaustion, headaches, and hot-cold fever kinda sick. However sick-ness does not mean that I get to drop everything and spend days fortress-ed in my bed as I am a busy woman and ambition know's no rest. Instead it means that I get to chug a bottle of NyQuil, get my ass dressed in something halfway descent and continue doing work work work work work. The picture above is exactly what's been on my bedside table for the past several days. 

As you can see when I am sick and still have to go about my daily activities I dress in a very dark and melancholy manner with all black and maxi layers. The gold embellishment was meant to act as a psychological tricking device to try and convince me that I was happier then I actually was. Clearly based on my facial expressions that didn't really work but it did seem to trick everyone on campus to think that I wasn't sick so I guess you can count that.

I wanted to share this lovely ladies outfit because when I asked her what made her decide to wear this ensemble she said that it was her way to respond to her sickness from the day before. I took this picture on the same day that I was dressed in my all black response to sickness and I thought it was so interesting to see our very different reactions to our poor immune systems. Here she is looking all colorful and dainty and even carrying around a cup of fresh flowers. I mean what the fuck! I felt like death standing next to her. My point in this comparison is that dress can be used as a reflection of genuine expressions and false personas. My genuine expression was that I was sick, angry, sad, and depressed and her outfit was acting as a false persona of rainbows and uplifiting spirits.

For any of you that are sick out there too consider these flowers to be a get-well gift from me and Luna to you.