Super Moon Weekend

I am so sorry for my lack of presence on the blog recently; life has been chaotic in all the best ways. As we all know I'm sure just from the overflowing number of posts on facebook/twitter/instagram about it this past weekend was the super moon (i.e. the moon was extremely close to the earth). I don't know if it was that or the fact that the Heat won on Thursday but this past weekend was freaking amazing and has revived my soul with so much inspiration and influence. I thought that since I am such an adamant advocate of how our experiences in life influence how we adorn ourselves, or at least how I adorn myself it would be ridiculous for me to not share photos from my very surreal weekend. 

It began with Go Skate Day and a huge artist collaboration/installation with the MIA Skate Shop and Nike pop up shop in the Design District, later leading into a night of dancing our asses off for my friends birthday. After that it was pretty much a blur of sparklers, beer, swimming pools, swimming in the ocean at night in the super moon light and then swimming in the ocean in the sunrise morning light. All of this ending with Burger King breakfast (which I only recommend if Taco Bell is not open), 3 hours of sleep and an overload of inspirational energy that lead to one of my favorite photo series in quite awhile now. That will be debuted tomorrow so be on the look out. 
For now check these photos out.