I have always wanted to be the type of person that has a ring or necklace or something that they wear all the time because of the memories it holds for them but sadly I have never come into the possession of such a piece that means anything like that to me. Trust me when I say I have tried but when it comes to a talisman it's not something that you can try to obtain but rather wait for it to come to you, very much like a totem animal (mine is the scorpion even though I am a Libra; different meanings, different things, long story, another time. 

For the past few weeks I have found myself wearing this same necklace day to day and constantly twiddling with it, slipping the rings on and off every finger, feeling the contours of the mini statues and looking at it in longing admiration. To give you a description of its origins it is a necklace that I found on the ground around my campus with a charm of the Eiffel tower on it; later I added a charm of the Statue of Liberty my Auntie Mame gave me several years ago because of my dream of moving to New York, or at least somewhere where I might be understood more then the places I have been throughout my life. Within a week of that my mother gave me her engagement and wedding ring to my father that didn't fit on my finger so I added it to the chain and I now feel it is quite complete. This talisman, as with many talisman, is a symbol of love, hope and dreams. A synthesis of them all, a hope that I will find that synthesis within my own life. Until then I will have my talisman.