Sea No Fear

I am so happy to share that after several months that sea punk shoot I styled and conceptualized (see here) has been featured in SLANG Magazine, so you can see here. Below you will find all of the details to who did what and what was the inspiration behind the shoot but in the meantime I wanted to thank the amazing team that were behind making this fantasy into a reality; without you none of this could have been possible.

Sea No Fear was inspired by the counter-culture of our generation. 

Of the kinds on the street that ombre their hair and call unicorns bad-ass.

It is about finding youth, strength, empowerment, bad attitudes and lots of middle fingers.

It is about finding yourself on the streets, your heart in saturated colors and your soul in the Milky Way.

To sea no fear is not to say that you are not scared but that you can say fuck it to that fear and give it everything. 


Sea No Fear

Photographer: Ed Maximus

Model: Anabel Gonzalez

Hair/MUA: Kayla Carcone

Wardrobe Stylist/Retoucher/Creative Director: Ashly Garner