Outfit Love

With school officially out for summer and me being out of town I don't have many new FIU Style Sightings to show you all so I decided today I would share some outfit love found on The Sartorialist, Garance Dore and FrouFrouu

As I've mentioned before I'm really into maxi skirts and baggy sweaters these days. I mean honestly though what's not to love? It's comfortable, it looks fucking awesome and can be worn with heels or high-top sneakers and look just oh so cool both ways. I love when a skirt has a lot of extra material so you can pick it up and swish and swash every which way if that even makes sense. However I really enjoy this green satin skirt as well. It has a modern day royalty sort of feeling to it that makes comfort look classy. 

Nadia Sarwar of FrouFrouu is kind of a hero of mine. Most of her wardrobe is vintage but when it's not it still has that retro sepia toned loveliness that you can only find in thrift stores. I don't actually think anything she is wearing in the outfit above is vintage but it sure as hell looks comfortable and easy breezy, perfection for the sweltering summer heat that Miami will be providing me for the next few months. Plus I totally want that hat. 

Now this outfit doesn't exactly look comfortable but holy fuck does this girl look incredible. Firstly she is riding a bike in what appears to be 6" or higher wedges. Secondly, has she just layered knee high socks on top of tights? Yes she has and I am now incredibly inspired to invest in some sheer socks immediately. Third, she has totally brought back the 90's backpack purse and lastly does her helmet have a mini-brim? I'm not sure why you would ever need a brim that small but damn do I want one and I don't even own a bike. I just realized that I own that dress she is wearing too, she definitely rocked it better than me. 

To end this outfit love post rockabilly is the word I want you all the remember for the rest of the day. The above and below photo are from Scott Schuman's expenditure to Las Vegas for a car show that resulted in a glorious number of women dressing in their very best rockabilly ensembles. I believe in both of these photos it is the same woman but don't quote me on that. Either way they both are rocking beautiful head-wraps/scarves and freaking awesome sunglasses. For the top photo I have never seen a Hawaiian print look so damn cool, I think it must be the peep toe saddle shoes and perfectly rolled boyfriend jeans paired with it. As for the bottom photo there are so many things to talk about. To start off location location location makes for photo perfection. Next is the maxi skirt appearance once again but this time paired with a gorgeous sherbet green bustier, probably way more summer appropriate than baggy sweaters. Last thing is her smile. Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a good attitude (or a bad one if your going dark on me like I have been this past week). I promise you will see a smile again from me soon, I just need to get my hands on that outfit.