Going Home

Going home can be an absolutely wonderful thing. Take that from someone who said that after she left for college she would never come back. A week before summer classes started I decided that the best way to rejuvenate myself was to get out of Miami and visit family for a few days in Savannah, Georgia, my birth town, and it was beyond amazing. My family just moved into this beautiful home in the middle of 22 acres of un-manicured nature and as you all know based on my past few posts I had a blast exploring it. But what really made my trip was not only the fantastic locations but being around family and getting to spend some time with my 4 and 5 year old sisters. I thought it appropriate to share an image diary of what going home meant to me as it is these things: family, love, a kindred spirit and inner peace that all reciprocate into how we express ourselves. I hope you all enjoy. 

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