Today I return to Miami but these are probably some of my favorite photos I took while in Savannah. When I got dressed this day all I knew is that I wanted to feel good. I wanted to feel ethereal; like I wasn't of this place or born for this world. I wanted to be somewhere else that didn't exist because that is how I feel right now. I am so happy where I am physically in terms of my location and visual stimulation but my emotions are somewhere else. Half the time I am hopeful and then the other half of the time I want to erupt and scream and break down into a million pieces that could never be brought together again.

My mother drove by me as I was in the process of taking these photos and said "It's like seeing a ghost in the woods" and that struck me very deeply. I for one believe in ghosts despite having never seen one. I think there is something very beautiful about still sticking around. They say that the most important people to you in your life will always be there even when they physically aren't. I for one know that is true. When you truly love someone and they love you back they will always be there with you because they are a part of you, like a ghost haunting you; not in a scary Sixth Sense way but like a Patrick Swayze Ghost kinda way. 

We tend to use clothing in the same way, holding onto pieces that we may never wear but simply mean to much to us to let go. Look at every woman who owns a wedding dress and lets it hang in their closet for years untouched. I for one have a handful of pieces that I haven't worn in years but simply can't part with. I think that this ghostly concept can be tied into vintage clothing as well. I love vintage clothing because of that history it has, the many lives it has been a part of either enriching them or becoming an outlet for misplaced sorrow.