This Is My Art

You all may be well aware by now that I am a fine art student but just in case you weren't I guess you are now. During the summer and this past fall semester I had been spending my time creating multi-layered images that were meant to express how my surrounding environment influenced how I dress myself. After spending a few months at this though I realized that clothing is a means of expression beyond just my surrounding environment. It is emotional, psychological, sociological, uniform-driven, genuine and deceitful. To try and discuss the topic of clothing in a picture alone is practicably impossible and so I made the decision to make this blog my art work. I am still creating the same pictures but including text to discuss my pondering's and research on clothing, style, my inspiration and icons, process and the meaning of the final outcome. 

I thought it was only fair to share this information in case some of you noticed a shift in my focus on the blog recently. I hope for this to become a space to discuss clothing, fashion and style beyond trends and what makes me look the prettiest. I want this to be a place for open discussion and insight on clothing and style through personal experiences and research. Tomorrow I am going into spring review to either be accepted or denied into Thesis 2 (aka the final class I have to take to graduate with a BFA). Below you will see a video prototype of Elegant Idiosyncrasy that I am considering be the final presentation of this blog in a gallery setting. I would love to hear any feedback on your feelings on the experience of the blog through video versus web format.