Last week I had the lovely opportunity to photograph Janely Rodriguez. I met Janely from my FIU Style Sightings section and after photographing her 3 times and having an awesome time documenting her putting lipstick on I decide to approach her about doing photos outside of school. Lucky for me she said yes and thus the occurrence of today's post. There really isn't really any rhyme or reason behind these photos, they were more of an ice-breaker session for Janely as a model and myself as a photographer shooting someone other than myself. I chose the outdoors because I wanted to be able to wander and find a multitude of diverse locations with mixed lighting.. 

Janely's sister joined us for this excursion and made for a great impromptu MUA if anyone is looking to hire, ; )

Summertime Sadness
I am very excited to announce that out of this series one of the more emotional shots (above left) was accepted by the Vogue Italia Photo Vogue community. It's been 6 months since I've had any of my photos accepted and was ecstatic that another one was finally deemed worthy, especially for Janely so she now has something to put into a future portfolio or just have for safe keeping.

Falling apart at the seams
Janely and I will be shooting again this week and the theme is going to be completely different. I can't wait to see how they come out and will have them up soon enough for you all to see too!