Wrapped Up

Being a person of curly hair I am often times in battle with the strands coming out of my head. Whether it be because curls dried frizzy or it has been several days since I've taken a shower and my hair is in a state of ultimate disrepair. No matter what the reason is I believe it is why I am always looking for things to cover my head whether it's hats, metal head chain pieces, floral wreaths or my most recent endeavor, scarves. More than half the looks featured in this post are actually button down shirts made into head wraps but still act as just a sheet of material I manipulated to fit my head so thus qualify them in the scarves category. 

My fascination with head wraps and scarves recently has lead me to ask many questions about the moral or political correct-ness in wearing these deeply rooted traditional styles outside of their cultural and religious context. Whether it is ok for me as a person not apart of any of these groups to still wear their style of garments? After much deliberation and getting some insight from other members of the fashion blogging community and friends I've decided that if you understand the history and are wearing these pieces out of respect, even if you are really just wearing it because it is absolutely beautiful, then it's alright. But ignorance, especially in today's world with google at your fingertips, is never an excuse or should be condoned. I will discuss this more at another time but for now if anyone is interested I wanted to give a tutorial on how to achieve these twisted wrapped looks for yourselves, especially if your like me and consider the top of your head to be battle ground for WWIII. 

1) Place un-bottoned shirts neckline on the outline of your hair line. 

2) Separate the sleeves and the back of the shirt into 3 sections. 

3) Twist the back section (body of the shirt) and pull around one end of head. Keep sleeves separate. 

4) Take the sleeves and wrap around each side of your head. Knot around the twisted 3rd section. 

Tuck where needed. 

Voila! The results are a make-shift turban ensuring your bad hair day is nowhere to be seen. Not to mention this is an interesting and unique way to re-use your button-downs and accessorize an outfit. 

For a little more variety than just one head wrap look below is another style where I actually used a scarf instead of a shirt. To achieve this style fold your scarf into a triangle and then wrap the scarf from the nape of the neck to the top of your forehead. Wrap the two ends around each other once and then knot together back at the nape of the neck. Tuck where needed. I find it so interesting that just by the way that you tie a scarf can have so many different symbols and meanings behind it. For example the styles above remind me of turbans where the style below has a completely different set of origins I cant quite put my finger on. Things to ponder on....