Spring Break in Miami

It's finally here. The day we me have all been waiting for: spring break aka 7 consecutive days I don't have to get out of my pajamas although I've already confessed that I don't do that even when it's not spring break. None the less this spring break I plan to relax, sleep in past noon, get in some pleasure reading and watch that long line-up of movies I've been creating on Netflix. As for my sartorial self I want to live it vibrantly. This week a dear friend of mine traveled down to Miami from North Carolina with her friends for spring break and I thought what great inspiration for a post on what to pack if spending your break down south. 

When I think of Miami I think of the Art Deco architecture, the white beaches and those iridescent colors that come from the light shining on the water in just the right way. The colors can either be soft and pastel like when the sun is blindingly bright or vibrant and saturated when the light is much darker which I find to be a great analogy for Miami as a city. During the day you spend your time at the beaches, walking around the parks where these gorgeous flowers bloom and at night club life ensues and things become much more...saturated.

First thing you should pack is of course a bathing suit. I know when choosing the perfect bathing suit a basic bikini is usually the route to go in but I don't usually find myself at the beach in the first place so a usual swimsuit is not really my route. Instead of satisfying any beach needs I might have hidden deep inside I decided to satisfy my strong sartorial ones instead via beachwear. The result is this hot pink slashed suit by Lulu Fama. Coinciding photos are from Treats this month and definitely help set the mood for a Miami spring break. Even the flowers in Miami that bloom are of wildly saturated colors, such as the ones you can find in iridescent. It has definitely become a huge source of inspiration for me after living here for 4 years and has clearly influenced by clothing choices, even in swimwear.

As for totes I always have to have a big bag and if your traveling for your spring break then you're probably going to need to have one too. My friend got me this beautiful suede bag from H&M and I literally hang it on my wall just to stare at because the colors are mouth-watering to me. In these iridescent water photos you'll find the same colors and hundreds more scattered throughout creating an extremely psychedelically effect. If your planning on coming to Miami for Ultra Music Festival in the upcoming weeks these are probably the types of images you have in mind when planning your spring break; in which case you should not be bringing a big tote as you are going to lose every single thing you try to take with you so pack lightly or invest in a very sturdy phany pack. Seriously, UMF is not something you take lightly.

With airlines charging for every bag you check in packing within the space of a carry-on is key which means packing smartly is one of the best qualities to have at this point. Choose a variety of pieces that you know you can mix and match with each other and then one statement piece that can be styled in a number of ways. For myself I am really into the Dior A-line silhouette currently so I chose this denim bustier from Love Culture and Banana Republic skirt with a scarf as a daywear outfit. I can already think of several ways to style this scarf to change the outfit drastically and how to take it from day-to-night with the quick change of a shoe. For a statement piece I would choose this structured dress from H&M. It fits like a glove and doesn't wrinkle so I know it would travel well and I would have no comfort issues with it. If I get tired of it's bold print I could put a sweater on top and just have a circle skirt. 

Lastly there is the make-up choice. I've always been one for the ethereal look and since iridescence is my inspiration it seems quite fitting. During the day you don't really want to wear makeup in Miami since the heat or water will wash it right off but if your one for wearing make-up no matter what when your on vacation then this flashy mauve eyeliner by Sephora is perfect for you. It won't come off unless rubbed and even if it smudges when your swimming in the deep sea then you'll just end up looking like a mermaid and who doesn't love a mermaid? For lipstick I chose Bubblegum by Givenchy. 

I hope for any of you that are making travel plans to my city this guide helped you at least a little. If anything I hope it at least induced some inspiration, it certainly got me in the mood of things while editing it. I was considering skipping my last 2 days of classes I was so ready for spring break when finishing this but being the good student I am/my teacher said we'd fail if we didn't show up I decided otherwise and will begin my spring break in the next 24 hours. I hope you all have a lovely break and be safe but have fun, I know we all sure as hell deserve it!

All overlaid and background photos found on Pinterest and artists are unknown