FIU Style Sightings

After what has felt like weeks of seeing the same outfit over and over again this week has felt like a revelation  My ladies made me proud with bold and colorful ensembles that made them stand out from the crowd and prove their individuality. As I mentioned yesterday I am 110% ready for spring break and today officially marks the beginning of it. Based on the bold, neon and iridescent colors featured on these women I would say the same goes for them. Ideally the weather will warm up more so we don't have to wear jackets on the beach because 70 for us is winter weather but that's a whole other issue. For now lets see how wearing these ensembles makes these women feel. 

Tate Caroline, Intended Major Styling
"I feel like an individual, like I stand out in a sea of people that just don't care about fashion. It makes me feel special."

Becky Azeem, Education
"I feel vibrant."

Isabella Zengotita, Computer Engineering
"I feel like smiling."

Stephanie Desouza, Meteorology
"It takes a little bit of confidence to wear an outfit like this but I feel like it expresses my style best."
Stacey Kennedy
"I feel like I stand out, especially because it's so dark and cloudy so I think it's a nice juxtaposition."