FIU Style Sightings

This week is a mixture of up close and personals with distant observations. For the past few weeks I've had the lucky chance to run into a large number of stylish and interesting people however this week seemed to be lacking. This could easily be explained by my lazy attitude and unwillingness to walk outside other than just going to classes but either way I still feel the need to bring you all a substantial post. That said if you notice yourself or a friend please let me know and I will give you/them the appropriate crediting. Now let us move forward with this week's FIU Style Sightings. 

Here are some amazing prints that I have seen in the past week. I couldn't believe it when I first saw the girls purse with what appears to be a crocheted image of a goddess with mystical powers and has sunflowers growing at her feet. I don't know what kind of awesome-ness that is but I know that I want some of it. Then we have these two men's printed sweater-shirts (sweaters in Miami, shirts in any other part of the world). I know that for men getting dressed uniquely can be extremely difficult through the conversations I've had with my father and boyfriend. The options are limited and the judgement's other guys will give you for dressing differently is way worse than what any girl could go through concerning clothing. A printed long-sleeve shirt is a great route to go to show off a unique perspective while still maintaining a conservative appearance.

Gabriel Gomez, Journalism

A lot of grunge inspired outfits are seen on campus. Of course there's no reason to be surprised as it was most of us college students childhood inspiration. Lea below is probably one of my favorite grunge inspired outfits seen in awhile. Maybe it was her steam punk jewelry or slovenly yet meticulously planned outfit but to me there was a great balance of fashion forward and anti-fashion themes going on in her ensemble. I think what intrigues me the most about this is that I could have easily passed her by and not even looked twice yet I did. Those are the types of styles that are really calling my attention these days. Not the in your face "I'm fashion forward, notice me and my new clothes" look but the laid back border line boring outfits that you have to pay close attention to to realize that in fact it is far from dull. It's that underdog like quality that really appeals to me. 

Lea Anderson, English
Madeleen Castro, International Relations
For one day in Miami it actually dropped below 70 degrees and students bundled up with scarfs, heavy jackets and lots of layers. This student above had on my favorite ensemble with her simple choices and the cozy and classic jacket choice. Almost every girl has a pair of combat boots, myself included, in Miami but I think this girl wore them in one of the best ways with loose lacing and in an off brown color paired with this jacket in particular. They lose the military combat feel and take on a much more adventurous, wood-huntsmen approach however I would prefer for them to have more wear and tear in them. 

Maria Correa, Computer Engineering
Sometimes when I go through my day and don't take a single picture I get very frustrated and disappointed. I ran into Maria above at the end of a very long and picture-less day and thought for a moment when I approached her that she was going to deny my documenting her. To my surprise she was more than willing and even struck a pose. We spent a good 10 minutes discussing the details of her outfit, making me 10 minutes late for class, but after learning she had made her shorts, DIY-ed the hardware on her collar and stole her sweater from her mom's closet I couldn't help but want to get to know her more. 

Sadly I had to leave but as I turned back once more to make sure I hadn't missed another possibly style documentation I saw a highlight of green from the distance. With no time to run over to her and do it more properly this is the only photo I have of this toxic mermaid.