FIU Style Sightings

Remember all those blizzards that were bombarding New York a few weeks ago? Well that cold front has finally made its way down south to us Miami-ans and we were not happy about it. Considering that the previous week felt like summer would soon be upon us this extreme shift in weather put many people in bed with the flu. For the rest of us we managed to find a way to make it through the week with many many layers. 

Tribal prints are something that are trending right now in Miami. Everyone either owns a backpack, laptop case, sweater, shirt, or skirt with these multi-colored patterns. Another thing that EVERYONE owns currently are at least one pair of combat boots. They may be tan or brown or have spikes but we all have a pair, myself included, and it's no wonder when they can go with any outfit in any season. What's not to love despite that off chance that you and your friend may be wearing the same shoes one day. 

Maria Duque, Psychology

Something that has been on mind recently and will be discussed further in depth next week is the concept of minimalism. To me these two students successfully created minimal outfits with their singular color choice and limited accessories. Random comment, they greatly remind me of pillars or columns in the ancient Greek Parthenon. Maybe it was the gladiator shoes and flowing fabrics....

Renier Casanova, Art History
Emily Adams, Art History

On the topic of Greek architecture the photo below really inspired me this week with the geometrical lines carved into the buildings walls and the stripped sweater in the foreground mimicking it. When I first started taking photos I became obsessed with symmetrical lines and geometrical shapes, especially in architecture. The Greek's architecture was inspired by their political and religious beliefs of kosmos or balance/symmetria. In order to think clearly, act clearly and tap into their humanism they styled their buildings to be mathematically balanced. Even though I didn't know that at the time I was taking those photos I can certainly see how I look for that in my own life being a Libra and all.