FIU Style Sightings

This week I am paying tribute to the fucking funky quirks that can truly make an outfit. I have been creating triptychs on here for a while now so as to show not only the whole outfit but also the details that can at times really pull an ensemble together. Sometimes an outfit can be terribly bland until you notice how intricately the jewelry was paired with it or the meticulous amount of attention paid to the material choices. Below is a collective of students that really caught my eye whether it be because of their outrageously amazing head-wear, quirky footwear choices or tongue-in-cheek graphic t-shirts. 

Brittany Davis, Education

Renier Casanova, Art History
Joan Bienaime, Architecture
Turns out that Joan actually painted this shirt herself, thus earning herself a spot in this week's fucking funky quirks. Pairing this with her very classic wide brim fedora and then steam punk inspired earrings there was a collision of inspiration to be found within this simple ensemble. 
Diana Poussin, English/Political Science/Art History
From a distance Diana's outfit seemed grungy, anti-fashion, and something I am generally not very interested in. However upon further inspection I noticed her black lace shorts peeking out from underneath this over-sized art smock like tunic. This little touch really blew me away and made the whole outfit go from a 0 to a 10. Suddenly this anti-fashion statement was instead about anti-your fashion. It screamed for comfort and day's spent laying in bed with tea and cigarettes and philosophy mixed with fine art texts scattered about. Although these photos may make the outfit seem boring upon first glance I wish I could re-establish my wardrobe with only basics such as these.
Ruth Thompson, Fine Arts
Another student who upon first glance looks as though she has just thrown shit on and moved on. After documenting Ruth several times now within this semester I've noticed a strong sense of style within her outfits. Ever day it is very different than the day before but at the same time it's always the same. She clearly understands what she likes and what she doesn't like while leaving room for experimentation with color and prints. 
Lastly I leave you all with some footwear to get you through your weekend. I don't know if I could ever actually manage to wear platform sneakers or creepers but I have certainly been immensely inspired by them for my upcoming shoot that I'm styling. On top of that I love how these guys made their outfits below the ankles still something to pay attention to. The oddity in these sock choices with shoes seems so wrong that it's right.
We'll talk more about that particular subject next week so stay tuned.