Color Coded

Within the past year many people are beginning to lean towards the lifestyle of minimalism. I have absolutely nothing against it as I myself wish I could live a life of few things but after attempting a list of things I'd take in case of any emergency at age 10 and ending up with over 2 pages I realized minimalism may not be the path for me. 

What really intrigues me with this whole minimalism trend is that those who are embracing it seem to all agree that white is the most minimal tone they can choose and thus do so quite indulgently. If I were to see someone wearing a white shirt and colored pants I would thinking nothing of it but if I were to see someone wearing an all white ensemble I would be rather taken back. Their outfit would appear as minimal with the singular color choice but is received as quite the opposite. On the other hand if someone were to wear an all black outfit they would probably have a better chance of blending in rather than standing out. Why is this? Is it our culture or society that influence us to interpret one color to be more basic than the other or is this something that is built into our DNA and is simply natures path?

Why aren't minimalists use more black in their representations of the lifestyle? In New York black is considered to be the minimal yet people seem to associate black with negative, somber or gloomy but in reality black is simply the absence or complete absorption of light. I thought very long and hard about choosing to make my blog black and after reading this quote by Yohji Yamamato I knew I was making the right decision.

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. 
Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. 
But above all black says this: 'I don't bother you - don't bother me."

The outfit featured in today's post is something I think is quite minimal yet upon first glance is very much not. If I had removed the orange sweater it might seem simpler and more minimal but because of the strong colors most people would consider this to be an opulent outfit rather than a minimal one. How come some colors appear to be "stronger" than others? Is it that they cause more emotions to arise in us or that our eye is instinctively drawn quicker to them? Do colors really elicit the natural emotions we think they do or have we as a society ordained certain emotions to certain colors and thus interpret them as such?With that thought in mind do minimalists in other parts of the world embrace a color other than white or does minimalism have to be monochromatic?

According to the Oxford English dictionary minimalism is characterized by an attempt to reduce the art form to it's most basic elements.White has been known to represent purity and cleanliness however white also has another context in the art world meaning void or the "white box" where things can be viewed without any subjectivity to the outside world.  I feel like the point of minimalism is to get to the core of things, to rid yourself of all unnecessary objects or clutter but why do all colors have to fall subject to this? 

"To me it's more about lifestyle than certain colors or shapes in fashion. It's just about simplifying your life in general. Being MORE content with HAVING LESS; making more out of less resources; spending less time but being more productive... In terms of fashion, I'd say it's similar: being more satisfied with having less clothes, wisely choosing what to buy (spending less money), realizing what are your real needs instead of wants, having a consistent wardrobe with neutral colors so that everything can be worn together (spending less time on deciding what to wear)." - Minnie of Moi Minnie 

To me through colors you are able to express these core qualities minimalists are trying to achieve more vividly and clearly than you are through just white, but that's just a personal opinion. I really liked Minnie's statement on the lifestyle and pointing out that it's about picking out pieces that can easily be paired with lots of other things; getting more out of less. I applaud those that can still strongly express themselves through limited and neutral options however I would love to meet a minimalist that felt like they could maintain the lifestyle while still embracing color. To me I think that the core of things are really in those emotions that arise from the presence of color, not in the lack of it but hey that's why I'm not a minimalist right?

 What are your thoughts on the subject, does minimalism have to be monochromatic?