J'adore Couture

After seeing this video of how a Chanel haute couture gown is made I took the time out of my busy and poorly organized schedule to go through Style.com's coverage of couture fashion week. I don't want to overwhelm you with words as I'm about to overwhelm you with photos so I'll leave it at that and let you enjoy.


Alexis Mabille is a brand new designer accepted into the prestigious haute couture club that has only 16 other houses on the list. I have to say I think that this show was my favorite with its very light and blooming collection. The lace and chiffon camisoles and blouses paired with pale satin trousers have me dreaming of modern day Romanticisim. Another new designer showing at the haute couture shows is Ulyana Sergeenko. I didn't realize she was a designer but had seen her all over the street style websites and was in love with her taste. 

Her collection didn't blow me away but I really enjoyed these silhouettes. The boudouir inspired aspect of these pieces make the woman seem sexy without trying, greatly reminding me of her own personal style.

It is like an escape for me to see what's going on not only inside the shows but outside of them also. Below you will see Miroslava Duma, someone that has been a huge supporter of Ulyana. Her accents of fur come off as cute little quirks. Below that are some leftover inspirations from the menswear shows the week previous to couture. 

All street style pictures by Tommy Ton
Coming up is New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 
Prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen it's going to be a long and visually overwhelming ride.