Exploring Experimentation

Sometimes when I walk around nature it can completely inspire me out of one mood and into another. Upon my previous journey in it I came across this amazing wall of dead vines growing up tree's right next to another wall of vibrant leaves, berries and flowers. 

Putting myself to this challenge of white shirts has made me really want to experiment with how to style them. My shredded shirt was grabbing my attention particularly with this image of wiry vines growing up tree's in mind. Since the shirt is so baggy after many years of wear and tear I paired it with my high-waisted silver shorts; this ladies and gentlemen is when the birth of experimentation for today's outfit occured. 

I then started thinking more and more about that wall of dead vines and vibrant life and the amazing colors that were happening. So the bamboo fan hat was placed upon my head for it's natural elements and general coinciding color scheme. Now I don't know where this red chain scarf fits into all of this but it was calling out to me and I can't ignore the call of clothing; it's like ignoring those abandoned animal commercials where you really want to help but you know you can't afford it (at least if your a college student like me), but you know you should but you don't. Well this was that moment but I did. The outfit probably couldn't afford that extra tacky mis-matchness but it took on the challenge and that's what this week is all about anyways so fuck it. 

I wore it as a belt most of the day, a head scarf part of the day, and a shoulder shawl only some of the day. At the end of the day I think I like the outfit most without the scarf but I can't help but feel nostalgic of my extreme high school experimentation when the scarf was present. It comes down to what is better: a good edit or a crazy, possibly futile experiment? Futile experiment it was as I walked around campus all day with this scarf as a belt-thing. I had fun and sometimes that's all that really matters. 

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