The Golden Hour

I chase sunsets,
they run from me,
the sun whispers 
"I will always swing back around the earth to find you again, 
I don't care where you stand."

You are the sunlight,
my first breath of fresh air.
You are that vastness,
the way it swells around you
and I am at home in it's expanse.

I'm the type of girl who will stare out onto the horizon endlessly looking at nothing in particular. Today is the 21st and many are ignorant to what that really means. Many don't care and in turn nothing will change for them. 

I'm not a religious person but I look forward to this moment of enlightenment that is upon us. During these 3 days the moon, sun, Earth, and Venus will be aligned but are only perfectly in line for less than 8 minutes on December 22nd at midday. During these 8 minutes there will be a strong magnetic force that will allow those who pay attention to be able to think as clearly as they ever have. To realize all their mistakes and convictions and doubts and to move beyond them. To become better people not only for themselves but for our entire community. 

When I was on the beach this night and watching this jaw dropping sun set I couldn't help but have these thoughts of what I hope to see in my future. Where I want to go, if I've really been projecting what I truly feel about myself, my passion for fashion and the arts. It was a pure coincidence that my outfit ended up correlating with the sunset so well, but I couldn't help but feel like maybe it wasn't a coincidence. There has been this phenomenology occurring since my return to Tybee Island and I feel like something is on the tip of my tongue but I just haven't quite found the right words. I hope that before my return to Miami those words are found. Until then I will continue looking out onto the vast horizon, hoping to find a home in it's expanse.