Ceren Kilic

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to start out my Basel week attending the MOCA's Vanity Fair party featuring the video work of Bill Viola as press. More pictures to come soon but here's a teaser until then.

That leads quite well in to today's post. It's not everyday I get to go to a Vanity Fair party and it's not everyday that you come across a body of work that blows you out of the water, but when I came across Turkish based artist Ceren Kilic's dynamic photo collages that was exactly the case. As you all know far to well by now I'm on a photo collage kick at this point in my life. Blame it on all of the years dedicated to plastering my walls with pages from every magazine and book I could get my hands on, however I like to consider work like Ceren's to be an intellectual and conceptualized next step forward in the medium of collaging versus my haphazard plastering. Playing with elements of nature, geometry, retro women, and the un-real Ceren brings us into a world where all of these elements and dimensions live as one; think of it as the string theory via artistic expression. 

Body Talk

Adaption 2
If you are interested in seeing more or purchasing some of Ceren's work just click here.