Basel Part 1

I've only experienced 2 nights of Basel thus far and it didn't even officially start until today. Just goes to show how out of control this thing has gotten in it's 11 years running. Designers are having rumored fantastical parties, celebrities are seen everywhere, everyone is dressed in the most artsy shit they can find, and everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on. You'd be surprised by how many people that are from Miami, born and raised, who have never heard of Art Basel. I'm sure the majority of you reading this may not be aware of what it is either, and as my friend so bluntly put it, "Basel is like losing your virginity. It happens and then you don't ever want to talk about it. You just had to be there." I agree and want to change that by giving as much update on the things that I am getting to see as I can through a visual diary. Since this may be an image overload just click the arrow below the photo to see them all. 

I hope that you aren't thinking terrible thoughts about me and how ridiculously over-run this post is with photos. If so let me know and I won't hurt your eyes again, but if your like me then you hopefully enjoyed this and can expect more as the weekend continues.