The Atelier E: The Eon Collection

Several week's ago I was interviewing Emily Peters of The Atelier E for the online publication I write for, Wasabi Fashion Kult (to see the full interview just click here). A few days later I got a call from Emily asking if I would model for her newest collection, Eon. Although I was wary about jumping into the modeling game again, even if it was only once, I decided to say yes; I had already seen the whole collection previously when I visited Emily at her studio and felt good vibes all around. We shot a week later in the Wynwood Arts District with the theme of me as the Sun Goddess and the other model as the Moon Goddess. The jewelry was beyond stunning and induced an almost spiritual state with it once put on so playing the part was not a problem. 

The Mother Goddess in Hinduism. The Devi Earring
and Necklace exude feminine beauty and strength.

The Father of everything in Scandinavian mythology. 
His bones became the earth, his blood became the sea and his skull became the sky. 
The YMIR Earring, Ring and Necklace speak to a woman’s masculine essence while enhancing her femininity

Means Hero in Sanskrit. The VIRA Earring, Bracelet
and Necklace embrace the power of your passions.

is a very long period of time. The EON Earring, Arm cuff and
Necklace recall ages long passed and far into the future.

is the root of co-create, co-operate, and co-exist. The CO ear cuff
and Collar are the essence of interdependence.

To say the least I am completely obsessed/in love/can't stop dreaming about all of these pieces. It's always wonderful when you work with a group of people that you are actually inspired by. Everything from the elegant design of the piece, the naming of each grouping within the collection, and then the name of the collection itself is a huge load to handle and this woman has done it all by herself and quite successfully if I do say so; the modern entrepreneur with a spiritual side and a great taste for design. To see more of The Atelier E or to purchase any of the pieces featured here today just click here