Matt Wisniewski

Firstly lets thank Google that Obama is president of the USA for another 4 years. Plus there is marriage equality in Maine and Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for adults over 21. An intense night indeed it was here in the dorms of a college campus. Even if you didn't have a tv tuned to the news for all of the high impact updates you could hear people screaming in joy and pretty much figure out what was going on. 

Moving on though today I wanted to share some one who is probably one of my largest digital inspirations, Matt Wisniewski. From what I can gather from several of his interviews and his website Matt was/is a graphic designer in New York who had a lot of photos he liked saved on his computer or somewhere in the depths of the internet and decided to start putting things that he thought looked nice or interesting together through photo shop. None of the photos are actually taken by Matt but the collages are entirely created by him. 
I have used Matt Wisniewski as a huge inspiration in my school work because he is someone that does have a consecutive body of collage-d photography that can be related to my own work (in case you don't remember what that is you can click here). To me, what these photos do is create an introspective view on the subject in the photo. Through his collages he gives you insight to who the person is, where they come from, what they dream of, or experiences they have had. Although Wisniewski is not willing to say that that is what he was thinking when he was creating the work I think that that doesn't mean that us as the viewer don't have a reaction to the work, or that our reaction mean's any less. 
I have recently been battling within my own work the ability to evoke these emotional responses that I have with this work in particular. I say that I want the viewer to see this but sadly the viewer is not seeing it; it's a matter of words over work. Recently though I have had a break through and will be reveling the results of that very soon so stay tuned. If you are interested in seeing more of Matt Wisniewski's work just click here

All photos are credited to Matt Wisniewski