Like an Onion: A Lesson in De-Layering

When I lived in colder states like North and South Carolina I actually experienced weather below 70 degrees and was addicted to layers on layers on layers. Now I have forced myself out of it to an extent for the sake of the safety of my health (I've already fainted once in public and twice for a good outfit simply isn't worth the hospital bill to follow). None the less today I wanted to go through a few of my outfits I've worn in the past few weeks and have a break down of the layers. We all know that clothing tells a story so I thought I'd take the time to actually tell those stories.

I love this shirt and wear it all the time, I sleep in it the other half of the time. The only thing I don't like that's happened to it over the years of wear and tear is that it has become extremely baggy, borderline to baggy (yes, it can happen). I was going out to take pictures this day and wanted to have pockets and not have my shirt get in the way so shorts and suspenders were obvious choices. Even though some might call this hipster I say whatever, if I'm hipster I'm hipster, if I'm not I'm not (does that make me hipster???) Moving on, so now why the kimono if I just claimed not wanting my shirt to not get in the way? Even though it's hot in Miami on the outside it's feels like winter on the inside, especially in my dorm, so call this my inside coat. 

This is actually the outfit that I wore the day after I was denied into Thesis. Considering that I had just spent the previous day moping in bed I was looking for something comfortable, something that I didn't need to re-position throughout the day, something that could allow me to curl up at any time and fall asleep in. To say the least comfort was key. As the layers continued I added the jacket to make things seem less eclectically casual and more pulled together so as to be "school-ready" but at the end of it all all I really wanted to sleep my woes away. 

This outfit was purely made to enhance my new beanie. The statement on the hat is so strong that I knew I wanted something less intense to play against it so I chose my polka dot shirt and stripped blazer. For some reason whenever I see polka dots I always think of 1950's innocence and pin-up which is clearly not innocent, thus playing into the twist of the outfit. The eagle tank top was experimentation and playing around with 90's grunge layering's "anti-fashion" attitude which goes right along with the hats "Comme des Fuckdown" text. I guess at the end of it all this whole ensemble was just an irony in itself. 

When I originally planned this post I wanted to talk about how layers can make an outfit dynamic, however after taking the photos and organizing all of this I've realize that I actually think that I like the simplicity of the original outfits more then when I added to it. There's something quaint and quirky and right to the core of things in the first layers that the rest just don't seem to have, to me at least. Either way layers are great and no layers are great too, you really can't lose.