Inducing Inspiration

It's been a turmoil of heart and mind these past few days after my very depressing lack of acceptance into Thesis 2. I don't feel disappointed in my work or where I've come or where I plan to go but I do feel a sense of doubt in my need for a photography degree from a school that very well may not understand what I'm doing or why. I feel like a fashion outsider in the art world and an art outsider in the fashion world. Gray area. I created this set with a years worth of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitter catalogs and some roses I bought for myself trying to induce inspiration. Getting back to the roots almost. It's always been taught to me that once you get to a certain point in a focus of something like ballet, photography, fashion, or whatever it may be it's healthy to go back to take a beginner class as a reminder to yourself of the basics, and from there you can find where your true passion lies.