The Imaginist

Being a blogger usually requires that you read many blogs to keep up with the game, and while that may be true many bloggers become one simply because they read so many blogs in the first place. This is the case with Kiki Li, the face or rather the lack of face behind the creative blog The Imaginist. What first intrigued me so much about Kiki was that she had never once shown her face and beyond that she manages to find a creative and entertaining way to do so every week in her posts. Although Kiki is not one to claim herself highly imaginative I have to strongly disagree. Keeping to a simple and studio like motif with plain backgrounds and little in the photos distracting you from anything other than herself Kiki manages to create photos that remain minimal while simultaneously provoking your imagination to run wild. Her art direction is spot on with a focus on details and design. Simple yet elegant yet rebellious. Rebellion has nothing to do with mosh pits and yelling at your parents but rather going against the norm and Kiki is doing exactly that as she hides her face from the public yet continually promotes herself through her blog. A contradiction at first appearance  but perhaps it's actually the beginning of a revolution for the blogging world.

What is so intriguing about your blog is that you keep your face hidden in every photo. Many people think that people who start blogs, particularly personal style/fashion blogs are out for their 15 minutes of fame. What made you want to begin your blog, The Imaginist?

I like shooting photos and enjoy reading blogs. At that moment I was looking for a place to gather them and share them with the others. I thought blog was a suitable platform. So I gave it a go.

How did you come up with your blogs name?

There is a movie called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss (also the swansong of Heath Ledger). I like the word "Imaginarium" which is the combo of "Imagination" and "Museum". I want my blog to be my Imaginarium but which is not a place for sharing my imagination, instead, sharing the things done out of my imagination although they are not really imaginative. But I want this blog to be more personal and about a person, me, more. So I name it The Imaginist.

Why do you keep your face hidden in all of your photos?

I want to stay as low profile as I can. So I just use my real name to blog but without my face.

Do you have any particular bloggers or photographers that you look up to or are inspired by?

Backyard Bills, Childhood Flames, The Sartorialist, Turned Out, Sha Lai, Cavaan, Garance Dore...

Do you think that you will ever show your face to your readers?

Yes, I surely will in the future when I find the time is ripe and when I am prepared. By the way I think one day some of my readers will recognize me on the street and in fact this has already happened at my school...

All photos from The Imaginist