Sofia Ajram

When it comes to inspiration I probably have way to much of it. I cover my walls in it, my sketchbooks in it, I spend hours of each day finding it and then basking in it. However with that much inspiration, especially in today's day and age of visual over-stimulation it's hard to filter out the really great and the maybe not so great, thus why I am very selective about the people I share that inspire me on my blog. A friend of mine has been trying to persuade me into creating a tumblr to share all of this inspiration and I was wondering what you guys think? Is the blog enough or should I create a purely visual website with my work and the work that inspires that....comment, let me know what you think and if you would be interested in something like that.

Until that is decided let's move on with today's inspiration, Sofia Ajram. I was first introduced to her through one of my favorite daily blogs, Frou Frouu, as she talked about Sofia being one of her biggest inspirations now I couldn't help but check her out and I am so glad that I did. Coming from Montreal Sofia originally graduated school with a degree in graphic design and has recently returned for degrees in East Asian Studies and Women's Studies. Although this is all very interesting what really drew me to her was her "About Me" on her website. 

"My given name is Sofia Ajram. I come from the Third Planet. I am fastened to the sensuous of the inner universe. I want to share with you the galaxies projected within and without: absolute space and absolute time. I want to share with you the stars contained by the new souls of my race, humanity, in its infancy. Let me show you something electromagnetic. Let me take you to the place where Their dreamscapes and Our reality exchange glances. Let me help you remember."

How could you not be enticed by that alone? Her work follows through in all senses visually, emotionally, and spiritually (however you wish to take that). Being a huge fan of overlaid photos I suddenly had a zillion ideas about a photo series with galaxies involved, sadly I feel like they will only be an attempt compared to Sofia's amazing DMT galaxy experience you see below. None the less she is one of my biggest inspirations right now and if you are interested in seeing more of her work just click here. 

All photos property of Sofia Ajram