Once they see Paris {they'll never want to leave}

I decided to mix up my normal fashion week round up post and combine the collections with the street style snaps to try and make the connections between the two. All of the photos are taken from Style.com, Street FSN, or Tommy Ton. I feel like Paris always gives the entire fashion month a new perspective. How can it not when the most significant houses and designers are all showing but even beyond that, the people attending the shows changes, the style changes, the entire mood is different even through the source of online media. You can literally feel the essence of Paris in your bones as you go through the collections and street photography; it's almost as though everything is breathable again, the franticness has finally come to a hault and we can begin to appreciate the clothes again. The title of this post comes from when drafted American solider's went to Paris during the war and it was said that once you sent the farm boys to Paris they'll never want to come back. Same goes for fashion; once you've seen Paris you don't want to see anything else. 

Maison Martin Margiela

Left Junya Watanabe; Right Manish Aurora

Dior vs. YSL

Alexander McQueen

Haider Ackermann

That's a wrap.