Magazine Review's

As you all know by now I am very picky about my magazine purchases. I don't need every Vogue, Elle, and Teen Vogue in my life to make me happy as I'd rather spend my money on $20-30 magazines with content that is actually going to inspire me beyond the current season. Thankfully my best friend understands this and for my birthday bought me not only Dansk, but ex-Vogue Paris editor in chief Carine Roitfeld's new magazine CR Issue 1. To say that my jaw dropped along with my knees is an understatement. I squealed, I squealed again, and then I flipped through the pages like a mad woman. It took me a few days to fully take in all the beauty that these magazines held for me but now I am finally ready to make a thought out review on the pages of these publications. 

Firstly I am only showing you these magazines because I think that this is what magazines should be holding themselves up to. Not to who can sell the most ad space in September, or who can sell the most issues in the next quarterly period, but who can make the most compelling and inspiring work for the public. I'm not looking for great ad's or celebrity band wagons, I want real, soul consuming, heart stopping, brain igniting work. That is why I'm willing to save my money for one good magazine than 3 mediocre ones. 

For Carine Roitfeld's much anticipated new magazine I am happily content with what she produced for us. Issue 1 was based on Rebirth and each essay and editorial related to that idea in some way. I'm a huge junkie for themed magazines as you can tell by RAUKUS. I think it allows the magazine to have a focus each month while still staying true to it's aesthetics. What was interesting about CR is that it has 2 sides, not for any reason other than extra ad space, but it is always fun as the reader to have 2 cover options. All of the essay's were well written and the editorials were beautiful and extremely unique. I very much look forward to the next issue and hope CR see's much success. 

Dansk is an old favorite of mine. Although I hardly actually purchase it it is always one of the top magazines I pick up on my days spent at Barnes and Noble. This magazine is more for the wordy type but at the end it has some great fashion editorials, reminding me a lot of Zink.