FIU Style Sightings

Before I jump into the FIU Style Sightings of the week I wanted to share some very exciting news. I have been asked to host the next Miami Style Mafia blogger's event next Thursday at Ricochet Bar and Lounge in Midtown. If you would like to come out and meet me or the many other Miami bloggers that will be in attendance, or your just looking for an excuse to go out on a Thursday night come join us for a Style Wars battle.

This week's photos show the importance of statement jewelry, vibrant colors, and eclectic mix-and-matching. 

Sharon Madrigal, Elementary Education
Although her entire outfit was fantastic I really loved this close up shot of Sharon's tattoo and how her bracelets coincided with it so effortlessly. 
Kiara Edwards, Psychology
Once again a note on the jewelry. Trying to find an upper arm bracelet that fits my gangling arms is quite difficult but I love how Kiara just went for it with this extra wide brass cuff.  Paired with her tie-dyed shirt and gold necklaces she created a fantastic ensemble  full of color, culture, and fashion forward trends.
A peacock feather as an owl's body. I couldn't resist to not post this.
Ann-Marie Buckley, Biology
Friends with Kiara from above and apparently also her stylist Ann-Marie's outfit carried along some of the same juxtaposed styles with her vintage embroidered top and Forever 21 brass combat boot necklace. 
Dianelis Hernandez, Psychology 
Rayehanna Salkey, Political Science
Over the past several weeks I have managed to stop this girl 3 times, all by pure ignorance that it was the same girl. She always has such well composed and thought out ensembles that truly reflect her. When asked what 3 words she would use to describe her style she said "Self-expression, flirty, and bi-polar". 
Keysel Pelaez, Biology and Environmental Science
Men that have style is a hard thing to find but Keysel has found his through the outlet of vintage stores and pure experimentation. Claiming that his style is "whatever that comes to mind" after running into him a second time he redefined his style as idiosyncratic. I couldn't agree more.