FIU Style Sightings

As I have been continuing this project of FIU Style Sightings I have begun to question myself about what exactly it is that is making me choose to take a picture of something. Am I actually documenting Miami style or am I only taking pictures of things that are obnoxiously grabbing my attention in a flamboyant manner? Almost in a "bought-look" way. I think that because I study so many different street photography blogs already and read their interviews and philosophy's of shooting and with my intense studying at art school it has made me hyper aware of what I am doing at all times with my photography in any sense. Whether I am shooting myself, strangers, my daily life, anything. But it has also made me much more understanding of why it is I am choosing to do certain things and in turn making it easier to explain my work and what I want to get out of it. For this particular series I want to make sure that I am truly capturing the Miami style, and that made me wonder what is Miami style? I asked many of my friends this same question and no one was able to come up with an answer. That prompted me to go on a little exploration here today. There's a little bit of everything in Miami from the classic way of dress....

To the hippie chick and skateboarder graffiti artists. 

You have the casual glamour....

Kayla McGregor, Journalism
Left Anam, Hospitality/PR
and the grungy eccentric.

There's people who use accessories as quirky twists....

Jacqueline Lugo, Psychology
Heidi Bryce, Political Science
and other's mixing things up with vintage. 

Emily Adams, Art History
Monica Blanco, Biology
At the end of the day Miami style is a little bit of everything. With such an international haven it's hard not to have influence from everywhere and we are grateful for that. To be able to walk proudly in whatever you want to wear and not be worried about being judged is a precious thing to have and I am grateful to live in such a place.