You'd think that during a month when all of the magazines are getting their highest sales of the year in turn they would want to put out their best content of the year. It's easy when you are finally able to debut all of the new fall trends and campaigns (aka my favorite season), however I have been sad to see that many magazines have become like an endless commercial. I of course bought U.S. Vogue and was ecstatic to see that they were dedicating the issue to fashion editors, but after what felt like a year flipping through the whole thing I only ended up with 3 photos that I thought were inspirationaly worthy enough to paste onto my wall. Thus began one of my many missions in New York: to find a visually fantastic magazine. Thinking that this would be much easier considering that getting my hands on any international magazine is just one SoHo drug store stop away, but after spend over an hour going through every single fashion magazine I've ever seen and more I ended up purchasing Treats!, an all nude fine art photography magazine. Yes, I know, what are the chances that I walk into a store with all the best fashion photography you could ask for and I ended up walking out with a magazine featuring only nude women, however Treats! photography was easily more conceptually and aesthetically inspiring than any fashion magazine I've seen in quite awhile. 

I recently talked to my photographer professor about this line the defines fine art photography and fashion photography. We talked out how the difference is simply creating a meaning to your work other than just say, a sweater. There are fashion photographers that are fine art photographers, there is no difference other than your approach to the photo.  Below you will see some of my favorite photos from this months issue and I highly recommend this magazine to anyone who's interests lie beyond the world of materialism. One of the comments made at the IFB Conference last week was to look outside of the blogs and fashion world for inspiration and to stay grounded. I completely agree with this statement and recommend the same advise to all of my readers. 

I love the way they designed the text for this editorial. Also 2 ways to get any editorial published: religion and sex/nudity.

All images from Treats! Issue 3