Style is Eternal

What is style? How does one get style? Can you buy it, learn it, or is it something you simply have or don't have? These are all questions that I know many of us ponder, and when you come across a group of people who know nothing about the fashion industry and thus assume upon themselves that they don't know anything about fashion the word "style" gets thrown along with "fashion" which are not the same and I think it should be cleared up. Fashion is an industry, it is a collective of people that use material to express or show something that in the end gets worn on a day to day or event based occasion. Style on the other hand is something that one can have and be completely oblivious to the fashion industry, know nothing about Dior or any idea who Karl Lagerfeld and his cat are. Style is a sense of self. It is an understanding of one to the extent that you are able to express apart of that through the way you compose yourself each day. Through your layering or lack thereof, your posture and body language, accessory choice and walk. There are many things that partake in the definition of style; it is an emotive thing at the end of it all. A desire deep within that is simply a part of you. Thus why you can be oblivious to fashion and still have style. 

I received this great tote bag from the IFB Conference on the final day along with some random goodies that are no longer with me; however I was really glad to get a tote with text on it, especially text that I can strongly relate to. The dress is from Romwe and was bought in anticipation of wearing to the IFB Conference but other clothes got in the way.....The reason I brought up this rant is because I feel that I am constantly having this same conversation as I have been continuing my FIU Style Sightings series. I am rather surprised by the number of people that I have approached to take their photo and they are all shocked that I would ever ask such a thing as they think they know nothing about fashion. Well anyways, I hope that I cleared things up a bit, if not I hope these photo's make up for my bullshit.