London Fashion Week

My deepest apologies for a lack of update on fashion week/month, I swear I'm following it and going through all of the collections via but school and other posts have prevented me from providing a review on NYFW however not all is lost as London is much more interesting to me anyways. There is a sense of creativity and boldness in London that is lost in NY to all things commercial and "sell-able". Even though LFW is only half way through I wanted to comment on some of the collections seen thus far. To start off, Burberry Prorsum. I was pleasantly surprised to see a collection full of color, juxtaposed materials and textures, and a futuristic design of the classic Burberry trench. These caplets in a variety of colors and materials remind me of the days when women wouldn't leave the home without a jacket on and I am completely willing to become one of them if I owned any of these. Perfect for the hot Miami weather with it's crop, yet still completely accessible as a rain cover, at least for your shoulders.....

Holly Fulton
Apparently inspired by her trip to LA she dedicated this season's collection to West Coast blue. The art deco prints of naked women and poptastic plastic flowers on her see-through jackets and dresses are what really got me interested though.

Mary Katrantzou
Mary Katrantzou has been one of my favorite designers for years now with her amazing use of graphics and dress shape to create an overall surreal effect. This season her collection was dedicated to the girl who spent her childhood collecting postage stamps and bank notes. A connection and curiosity of cultures, she says. The rectangular shape of the stamps made for a beautiful symmetry on pant suits while zooming in on bank notes to create an abstract graphic on dresses and A-line shirts unveiled the imagination of what these other cultures are composed of; why do they put what they do on their national currency's? What does that tell us as outsiders about them? Not only were all of the looks cut magnificently but the prints really blew them out of the water.

Another one of my favorite designers, Giles Deacon has been known for his dark romanticism and quirky cartoonish prints such as Pac Man and Bambi decapitated. This season dark romanticism was clearly on his mind. Inspired by the British pop artist Allen Jones, Giles created broken glass head pieces to coincide with his laser cut and meticulous graphic and layered prints. Although I am much fonder of his lighter side I can't help but be swept away with his collection this season. Still referencing his quirky prints such as a horse that may possibly represent a unicorn and a bird that looks almost as though the drawing for it wasn't finished and is still in draft stages ends up leaving an opening of interpretation for the viewer.