IFB Conference

It's been a hell of a weekend spent making up all of my homework assignments, editing New York photos, and going through the enormous amount of business cards I came back to Miami with but I'm glad that I am now able to share all of the greatness that was the IFB Conference to all of you. 

WARNING: This is an extremely image heavy post. Prepare yourself.

To start off here was the opening line to Day 1 at 82 Mercer Street. That was only the front half of the line, it looped around the other block....but it was a beautiful spot to be able to walk around and snap the amazingly dressed bloggers before getting into the event.

Katya Mormon of Style Defined NYC
Left: Amira Rasool of Bobbie Austin's Closet Right: Nicolle Saylor

My outfit from Day 1 inside the conference. I sadly was feeling extremely sick the first day of the event and so I tried to keep my outfit as comfortable as possible. I picked up these pants from Necessary Clothing in NYC and they ended up getting featured on Racked.com
A North Carolina native, like myself, I loved Whitley Hamin's daring harem pants. Get them for only $25 at her blog, Queen City Style.
Sittin', waitin', tweetin', wishin'
Meghan Andrea of Style for Breakfast
Left: Enid Hwang, community manager for Pinterest
Erin Frederick from Stipple.com
Verlyncia Tyson of The Kitty Cage; Loved her handmade necklace and top.
The best blogger bun by Katelyn Zborowski of The Skinny Blonde Girl
Left: Aminta Iriarte of Clothes and Fashion , Middle: Alexandra Nikolajev of I'm a Little
Simmy of Closet Fix in the perfect peplum-camo ensemble. Shoes willing to fight for too.

Nicolle Saylor

Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society

My outfit from Day 2 at IFB. Clearly I was not sick this day. My apologies for not being able to provide a full outfit post for you all but this was the best I could do considering the circumstances. Wearing Forever 21 jeans, Helle Ellen kimono,  American Eagle button down, Ebay boots, and an ASOS bowler hat.

Last but not least, the keynote speakers of the conference. From top to bottom, left to right Derek Blasberg, Coco Rocha, and retired supermodel Iman. Although I was looking most forward to Coco and Derek's interview considering that Mr. Blasberg has my dream job as fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar, I ended up being most impressed with Iman out of all of the panels in the 2 day conference. She was so well spoken, intelligent, funny, realistic, helpful and hopeful. Hands down she has become one of my biggest inspirations now. A few quotes I jotted down from her:

"I constantly want to evolve....never think you know it all; Network, network, network!"

"All the smart one's look at what's happening on the streets" [in reference to the future of fashion]

"Success is not what you do, it's what you inspire others to do."
That last quote has really stuck with me since I've returned to Miami. Apparently Iman was told that when she first started modeling and I think it is a great thing to be told at the beginning of any career as it is quite true. You may have all the money in the world but if you leave this world having not inspired a single person what was really the point of it all? As I started my career in modeling, and now as writer and blogger in fashion I have always said that I don't care if I get the most page views, the biggest campaigns or if I end up with nothing at the end of it all. If I have inspired someone, a single person anywhere then it was all worth it. I still stand by this belief and was glad to hear someone as successful business wise and iconic wise saying the same thing. 

This week on the blog will be many more photos from the conference and the city as well as a fashion week update, I promise I didn't forget. Until then here is a breather from all things fashion for some natural NY inspiration.