FIU Style Sightings

Jennifer Hernandez, International Business
With fall coming into town, or at least everywhere else it is, this week at FIU it seemed to be all about hats, combat boots, and rebellion. I chased Jennifer down to get a shot of her Rugby inspired beanie. I am a huge fan of oversized beanies, there's something so infectiously consuming about things that don't quite fit the wearer. 
Nelson Martinez, Hospitality
Nelson's red, white, and blue ensemble with his heavily worn in boots are what first caught my eye but when I caught a glimpse of his hair underneath his hat I felt inclined to include it in this post. Strongly reminding me of all things Daphne Guinness and skunks he didn't seem to get the reference and we left on a rather awkward note but I was still glad to see a guy taking bold steps with his mane as girls are seen dip dying their hair everyday now.
Joan Bienaime, Architecture
Bowler hats and feather earrings, could I ask for more? On top of that Joan's heavily printed dress and strand of pearls really off set the whole thing but in such an elegantly bohemian way. 
Julia Camayd, Music Composition
We all know by now that I am a fan of the comeback of overalls, especially on the street style scene. Julia wore them effortlessly with a tube top and her worn in combat boots. With her quirky sunglasses she ended up giving the overall look a grunge meets art deco twist. 
Andres Marquez, Political Science/International Relations
On the topic of giving something old something new the form of appropriation comes to mind. Mona Lisa as a DJ.....
Rebellion once again kicking in but glammed up with a studded primary blue bag. I feel like this represents Miami as a whole. There is the stereotypical Miami with girls in short skirts, lots of gold jewelry, and sky high heels going to LIV and Wall, and then there is the girl who grew up in Miami and mosh pits at Church Hills, tears up her clothes to make them her own, and wears juxtaposed colors and textures to open our eyes to the natural mish-mash of life.
Ahbria Marshall, Mass Communications
Once again I continue the same argument as above. Ahbria is rep-ing a classic 1970's rock and roll stripped shirt but in context with her heavy gold jewelry and sequined back-pack you walk away with a rebirth of the old with the new.
Orestes de la Paez, Fine Arts Major
You can never end wrong on a good boot.  As a strong advocate for the LBB Orestes here has shown us the perfect male equivalent.