FIU Style Sightings

This week for FIU Style Sightings I ended up continuing my focus on the details of people's outfits. There's an anonymity and sense of imagination when you only see parts of an outfit. Without the face being shown you can begin to place yourself in it and enjoy an innocent escape from reality. 

Sierra Manno, Photography
This girl is the queen of Goodwill shopping. Everything here is from said Goodwill.

Alex Jaramillo, Sociology
Quaint yet so elegant. A denim top casually thrown on top of her printed dress and then matching shoes, the jewelry and bag are what really makes everything come together in such a beautifully classic way. 
Never hurts to go bold. It helps spark the imagination immediately.

Kimberly Zwez, Religious Studies
School girl appropriate in every sense.
Heidi Bryce. Obey. Enough said.
One thing that you will see a lot of in South Florida is sunglasses and when they come in such a large variety of style it's lovely to see people taking advantage of that. The rose tint and the architecturally designed sides make these something that I am dying to purchase for my own wardrobe.
Left and shoes Imani Hemming, Computer Engineering; Right and beanie Dewey Pearlman, Computer Engineering
Even though it's hot as hell outside these two played it off effortlessly in all black ensembles. I loved Dewey's Commes des Garcons shirt and Imani's daring bold sock choice. Just goes to show that guys can have style too.
Danithza Zeballos, International Relations
This girl was the first person I shot today. There was something je ne sais quoi about her with the cream beret tilted and simple cotton t. Then not to mention her bad-ass stare that seems to be gazing right through you; as though she knows everything about me already and I'll never be able to know about her. Unattainable bliss.  
You rarely see to many interesting shoe's on college campus's since most of us are walking all the time with loads of books and other random shennanigans. These wore worn by one of the professors.