I Love You, New York

It's been a whirlwind of a week roaming the city of my dreams, meeting some of the most amazing people in my life, and attending the IFB conference that has put a new sense of motivation and persistence in my soul. Now that I am back in Miami I woke up to seeing my first article in actual paper print for my schools newspaper, The Beacon, for FIU Style Sightings. To say the least I am in a very good place right now despite the fact that I am now a week behind in school work and plan to be spending the next 4 days pulling all nighter's as I read books upon books for art/art history classes, writing backed-up articles and homework assignments, and editing over 500 photos from my New York trip to share with you all as soon as possible. Wow, now that I just wrote all that out I am rather stressed : / Well anyways, on my flight home last night as I flew over the city's lights I noticed that the moon was perfectly matching the color New York illuminated and I felt like it was for me.

Photos to come soon of all the stylish ladies, and gentleman, from IFB and on the streets. 

Until the day we meet again,
I love you,
 Forever & always.

- A New York soul 

Didn't want to leave you all completely empty handed visualy so here are some photos from my first and last day in the city, plus a snap of my article in The Beacon below.