Sunday Style

This week for Sunday Style I decided to theme around IFB's Project #60 for bloggers to send in a picture of your most memorable fashion moment. This comes from the Savannah College of Art and Design's 2012 graduate runway show. None of these girls were on the runway or even one of the designers, simply a beautiful gemmed trio walking around the event's entrance where everyone gathered before and after the show. Their color choices and accessories make each of these girls unique in their own right but at the same time you can tell that they are all friends, or at least acquaintances based on their grace and natural flow with each other. I love how all of these girls also choose to wear full length dresses. So often now adays whenever women go out to public soirees you often see them in cocktail dresses or "club" dresses (think Herve Leger bandage dress but shorter). These three kept it classy and ended up turning more heads by letting the hem line drop. To say the least I haven't been able to get over the majestic awe of this image and am shocked my camera was able to capture it in time as this was my first attempt at street style shooting for a large event. 

I also wanted to include my other most memorable fashion moment from the same event. A designer from the show standing next to one of her models as she embraces him in a moment of joy and accomplishment. Everything about this photo has something about the fashion industry going on: the background where a man is photographing unaware bystanders, the designer holding flowers that look like they could have inspired her collection, the feeling of success you feel after a show or a shoot. The lights, the attention, the fame, the beauty of it all in one shot. This photo has motivated me for months now and I am sure it will do so for many months to come. What do you all think, what are your most memorable fashion moments?