Little Black Boot

Although little black dresses are fine and dandy the newest little black something to get your hands on this season is the ankle boot.  After going through my combat boot stage last year I have been trying to figure out what my next go to shoe will be. My criteria's included comfort for long walks between classes, neutrality for outfit versatility, and an edgy feel that I like all of shoes to have. Though I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, after browsing through to many sites for too many hours I've realized that finding the perfect LBB is harder than it seems.....

For our first option we have the classic cowboy western toe and low stacked heel, black leather, and a nonchalant chain spur featured on the back. This boot is perfect for easy slip-on, versatility and edge.

Next I came across something a little more daring and unique. Sticking to the chain detail around the ankle this shoe has a unique heel split with a metal plate placed inside. Although at first glance I wouldn't choose this shoe after giving it a bit of thought and running through outfit's it could go with in my head I realized that it's clean lines, sophisticated detailing, and smart pointed toe could make this the perfect edgy business/casual ankle boot.

Not quite an ankle boot but hitting below the knee keeps this boot in the consideration pile. A motorcycle inspiration, the simplicity of the details make this great for versatility and also allows me to not be so concerned about it's condition over time. I can easily see myself running through mud puddles and scuffing the hell out of this shoe.

Mixing it up a bit I found these platform cut out sandal leather sandals. I'm not much of an open-toe shoe type of person or a sandals type of person but I have been warming up to the flat-form shoe trend we've been seeing recently and these are really great for South Florida's year-long heat. Plus the fold over feature in the back and gold metal eyelets flirt with my fancy and have completely flipped the LBB search upside down.

Lastly we have these mind blowing beauties. I have been OBSESSED with the bone heel since Dsquared featured them several seasons ago. I couldn't believe it when I saw these selling for less than $100 on ebay and have considered dropping the LBB search for these platform bootie beasts. I mean, when's a girl ever going to get the chance to walk around on spinal bones again in her life, right?!? To say the least guys I am baffled, flabbergasted, stumped, overwhelmed, and heart broken that I must choose one because of my college budget status.
On that note, what do you all think should be my next LBB? 

To find all of these shoes and get your own LBB here you go: