FIU Style Sightings

As this project has been progressing and I am slowly building a conversation about style at FIU I have been shocked by how many people seem flabbergasted that I am even doing this project in the first place. They seem to think that people in Miami and specifically at our school have no sense of  style. I simply don't respond as there is no point in arguing with people that just haven't been looking. But what defines style? Is it the newest dress with the trendiest heels, or is it the mixing of vintage and new to create something phenomenal? Is it an outfit or is it a persons ambiance? Overall it's a little bit of everything. This week jeans, rings, and some thing's in-between caught my eye. 

Zhang Zhao, IMBC major; This multi-layered lace dress, intimate jewelry, and bold heels made Zhang's petite figure strong and elegant.
Victoria Rahaman, Biology; I am obsessed with all things backpacks, especially when they come in soft brown leather like here. Not to mention Victoria's dip dyed locks and skin tone make for such a beautiful composition.
Vanessa Castillo, Civil Engineering; Stripped pants, you already know I'm in love. This alphabet engraved laptop case reminds me of childhood with an adult twist, especially with this dainty lilac shade.
Nhu Van, Nursing; This outfit is the perfect example of personal style. The tribal printed top, cotton denim skirt and matching blue booties pull off a fantastic ensemble that shows off Nhu's diverse tastes, ingenuity, and creativity.
Unknown; This shot has been sitting in my hard-drive for awhile now and I can't get over it's je ne sais quoi. Firstly, the all denim outfit with loafters is quite lovely and I'm sure comfortable for the current high humidity. Secondly, the placement of this girl with the lighting makes me want to sit and stare all day at the natural "magical" moments we can see around us. 
Left: John Gonzalez, Psychology; Right: Brei Springer and Cassandra Aguililla
How amazing is that tattoo? The placement, the details of the roots, the sense of growth and death....
Plus, how awesome are these girls? Right before I was about to throw in the towel for the day these two ladies stepped out of their dorm and made my day.
First we have Brei Springer, and undecided freshman but who has style that'll knock you off your feet. High-waisted jeans rolled up to show off her Steve Madden platform heels and bejeweled mid-riff. I love that she kept her jewelry discrete; a quick stud on the upper lip, the belly button, and on her hands all paired with bubblegum lipstick made her bad-ass ensemble a little bit sweet.

Next up Cassandra Aguililla, making rings the coolest accessory since, well, ever. 
She just did a great job at reminding us of why they are the coolest. 
Last but not least my good friend Lightnin Maqueen. A man who appreciates style, good beer, and arm parties apparently. 
Just goes to show that you don't have to be a girl to understand the importance of accessories.