White Heat

It's pure white heat when it's not life-threatening rain.
Sleeping with windows open and candles lite. 
Incense burning and getting lost in the whiff, the smoke, the intricate and reckless freedom of it. 
To travel wherever it may wish, in whatever shape it wants to contain. 
White. Light. 
That's all she see's when it's not pouring down the built up tears of lost lovers and broken hearts. For the sun is not a friend to all in this time of summer love; it is but a daily reminder of their tumultuous torture. 
She though the sun is beckoning. Calling her name in the tree's shade. Desiring to kiss her pure white skin as she desires to embrace the light within. So with lace-up heels and Goodwill thrills she steps outside her haven cave, ready to explore this white heat day.

Dress Goodwill, Shawl, Skirt, and Sunglasses Vintage, Hand Chain and Shoes Ebay