Sunday Style

It's Sunday, which means that I've spent the last several hours eyeing down my computer as I've gone through the last few weeks of street style photos and runway shots from the menswear fashion week and couture shows. Some of my favorite sites for coverage are, StreetFSN, Jak and Jil, and The Sartorialist. I love how the streets have become their own runway now with street style becoming a niche in itself. It allows for the viewers (such as myself) that can't go to the shows to still get their own dose of fantasy and wild exuberance. I was impressed and infatuated as always. The day that I can walk around in an extra long kimono, knitted hot shorts, and double stacked platforms casually will be the day I know I've entered fashion heaven. Until then Michelle Harper owned this shit with the grace of a geisha. 

Below you will see the most perfect outfit that has ever been styled ever. EVER! That detail of the backwards rocking horse necklace paired with her backwards cardigan is the icing on the cake. This is exactly the type of ensemble I imagine my life to be lived in but more importantly my life in Paris to be lived in. Multi-tiered chiffon blush pink skirts, ballet cardigans, and knick knacks from my childhood all brought together to create such a grown-up and sophisticated yet innocent and whimsical aura. I can't help but lose myself to my imagination when I look at this. 

Nets. They're back and I'm not complaining. In fact I'm actually jumping for joy, which is making it very difficult to type this....I've been rocking the facial net trend ever since I first laid eyes up on Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge as she made the heart breaking decision to end things with Christian and pulled that gorgeous black net over her dewy untouched porcelain skin. To say the least, I love nets and I love how they are being incorporated into more everyday pieces such as tennis visors (above), tobagans (see Jil Sander), and even making them a pop of color to a more casual outfit (below).

Moving into pops of color, lets talk about shoes, the perfect accessory to adding a pop of color to any outfit. I'm sure by now we've all seen these Prada babies, along with the entire jukebox, 1950's rockabilly collection from Miuccia. I wonder how comfortable these really are? Considering that they are wedges means they are more comfortable than any stiletto, but that lack of platform in the front is not reassuring the balls of my feet. That's probably why this woman is ditching the streets for her car, but not before she got in this last street style shot, and we thank you for that. 

And what are the chances that just as we were on the subject of shoe height vs. transportation the bike brigade would show up?! These lovely ladies (my fan hat soul mate seen on the right with her fan hat, still don't know who she is so if you do please let me know!) have learned the perfect way to balance on a bike while still rocking 6" heels and style savvy outfits. My lack of car and weak legs are strongly leaning towards this bike idea after seeing these....

One of my favorite parts of the bike brigades outfits is that they all have head pieces on. Yes it can get quite steamy under them during these torturous summer months, but it can also be a great way to keep your hair in place or save you from having to style it at all, as the woman below seemed to figure out. Hanging out with former Russian Harpers Bazaar editor and now freelance writer Miroslava Duma doesn't hurt either on getting style tips. Who else is figuring out ways to imitate/DIY their crayon and watercolor color happy ensembles? 

Miroslava once again recognizing up-and-coming head trends: Indian chain head wear. 
For frequent readers you might know that I am all for the chain heavy head pieces and actually have more on the way as we speak/type/read. It's been hard to ignore that this trend is tricking down into the mass market as I see head pieces pop up on Nasty Gal, Pixie Market, ASOS, and Top Shop. But the best rendemption I've seen thus far has been by stylist Kelly Framel from The Glamourai in her latest editorial based on Marrakech (see here), and of course below by Ms. Duma. Her choice of houndstooth and dark charcoal jeans allows for the focus to be drawn to her crown but still leaves the outfit rather casual and un-obtrusive. Style-perfection. 

Last but not least, the boys. It was menswear fashion week as well and I do have a thing or two to say about what I've been seeing in the streets. I completely understand that there are only so many options for men and thus my reasons for a lack of interest in the field of men's style. However after seeing the guys below and how they managed to stay clean and classic (key points in men's style) while still getting in their own personal twist with sunglasses and that felt envelope hand-bag my heart may have changed sides. I don't know what it is but I feel like my life will always be lacking until I have my own envelope bag with a long handle draped across my chest, probably in light brown leather. There's something about it's vintage intellectual pretentious-ness, hand held (or under-arm) convenience, and roomy-ness that make it perfect for carrying my laptop and notebook to class or just holding my phone and sketchbook on a coffee run.

Photos from Tommy Ton and Nam by StreetFSN

Well that's enough for style today. Tell me, do you have a favorite?