Skirt Over Pants Syndrome

For those of you that are avid readers of the Man Repeller such as myself might be aware of Lana del Ray's recent post on skirts over pants. Man Repeller's SOP syndrome  has inspired me and reminded me of Susie Lau of Style Bubble infamous use of skirts over pants, or even skirts on skirts on pants if she was feeling extra adventurous that day. In high school I experimented with this idea here and there but was never all that successful. However now that a few years have passed and my wardrobe has evolved I believe that I have finally come across a SOP look that flirts with my fancy. Not quite a skirt and not quite an apron (as it was labeled when I bought it), this pink lace apron/half-skirt was the perfect layering device to spice up my black and white ensemble, as seen below. 

I couldn't decide which way to wear it. Forwards or backwards, and which way is which? I kind of like the idea of being able to wear it both ways, and as the day progresses just going back and forth between the two looks. Confuse people, you know? What can I say, it's a hobby of mine. 

So tell me, which way do you like more? Forwards or backwards? Or both?
Hint: There is no wrong answer. 

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