News Update

I rarely make posts dedicated to news updates and only do so for really REALLY exciting news that I can't keep myself from sharing. So firstly I would like to let you all know that I have recently become the fashion editor for the new online magazine, Raukus Magazine. The first issue will debut Sunday, July 1st so be on the look out for interviews, editorials, and an exciting new project of mine that I am going to leave in the shadows until Raukus's debut. I am so excited and honored to be named fashion editor and to be working with the amazing team of Bobby Ray KhasaMarina (editor in chief) and Jacqueline Parish (creative director). This is sure to be a magazine that will inspire you, push your boundaries, and indulge your wildest fantasies. Our aim is to promote the arts and fashion in the most editorial and fashion-filled way so if your a designer, graphic designer, photographer, or have work that you would like to be showcased in a professional manner send an email to to be featured in our next issue. 

For the first issue's covers the Raukus team was kind enough to feature one of my photos with editing done by Bobby Ray KhasaMarina. On the left is our other cover model Kira Alvarado by William Beauplant. Now tell me these cover's don't make you want to see more.....

Secondly, the lovely Emma Jennings of Pleasure over Business has been kind enough to do a feature on Elegant Idiosyncrasy on her blog. Click here to see her review on me and 3 other amazing bloggers, and click here to see more of Emma's casual yet cool UK style and yummy food posts that are making me hungry as I am typing this.