Erin Goodman

Where are you from?
St. Simons Island, Georgia

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words they would be….?
Honest, conscientious, imaginative

How did you become interested in being a designer?
When I was in middle school and began developing my personal style by altering thrifted clothes.

What is the inspiration behind your graduate collection?
The purpose of my senior collection is to make conceptual clothing accessible. I created six looks inspired from the growth and fluctuation of cells. I used familiar materials such as linen for the base of the garments and created textural surface manipulations with sheer organza strips. Each strip is placed and sewn on individually in order to create visually interesting movement throughout the garment. I collaborated with a metals and jewelry major, Aimee Petkus, to create copper cloche hats that resemble bald heads. Each hat is unique because of the patina used and the shape of the cloche. The hats are made through a process called electro-forming where a mold is made of the hat, it is painted with a solution, and then put into a bath and connected to a plate of copper. The electrical charge is then turned on and what results is the copper molecules transferring over to the hat form. The resulting texture is a bubble like surface that can be polished or painted.

I read that both of your parents are in the medical field and that interest in cell metamorphosis sparked some of the inspiration behind your collection, can you go into more detail about that?
Yes, The cell metamorphosis that I specifically referred to when designing my senior collection was cancer cells and how they divide and spread through the body. I have always looked to science as reference as well as inspiration when designing. I like the thought of life and ideas relating to science permeating through the clothing I design.  I want to challenge the assumptions people make about fashion.  

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I would most likely want to live in New Zealand or Barcelona. New Zealand for the wildlife and Barcelona for the architecture and culture.

What type of woman do you see wearing your clothes?
A woman who appreciates craft and wants to meet new  people. She wears interesting sometimes head turning pieces to intrigue her peers and strangers. Clothing that can be spoken about and appreciated for it’s intricacy. Any piece that will start a conversation with someone new is a piece she would wear. She is one that uses her clothing as a way to learn more about others and the world around her.
If you had to describe your collection in one word what would it be?
I will say two words: Accessible Avant Garde
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself as well-rounded designer that has acquired knowledge from other designers. I hopefully will be on my way or close to beginning my own business/line. 

Who are your biggest inspirations?
I would definitely say Einstein and Rei Kawakubo from Commes de Garcons. 

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?
A radio to contact help, a box of rice, and a companion for company and good times. 

What makes you the happiest?
When I see people react to the things I make in a positive way. Even if they don’t like it, if they have a reaction that made them think a little differently than they normally would have, I consider that a positive reaction.

What is your favorite dessert?
I absolutely love Cardamom flavored ice cream! YUM!

What is your favorite band and/or song?
My favorite band is Aurora, which is actually my boyfriend’s band. They have a song called Hunting for Witches that is quite successful. They take inspiration from science, technology, and the future and incorporate those themes into their lyrics. 

All photos from the Palinopsia: Fashion in Motion runway show, taken by me