White Balance

The end of one more year leaves me wondering where will this next one take me.
New York? Paris? Hong Kong? Maybe just my hometown of quaint Savannah, Georgia.
Either way, despite where I might physically be located I have decided to start fresh.
What does that mean?

Cultivating my photography
Personal style
This blog

Red RED hair
 Flower head pieces
Pastel nail colors 
Pleated maxi skirts
White space 
(Trust me when I say WS is the scariest two word combination to a girl that has lived life based on the 'less is more' philosophy). 
I feel like white balance in your home (or single dorm room) allows your mind to flow, exhale, and reassess
3 things you can never get to much of and I am in dire need of. 
Until I finally get to interior-design my room in the next several months I will continue to have fantasies filled with the combination of dream catchers entangled in branches, select framed inspiration photos, negative film strip lamps, dried flowers, and LIGHT. 
Because without light, beautiful, untainted, everlasting white light how will we ever be able to see what's been right in front of us all along?

Photo sources Spanish Moss Blog, Lust for Life, Fashion Toast, Luxirare, Matt Wisniewski, Pinterest