Inside I'm still that little girl
Looking for acceptance and love and praise and attention
Looking for security.
But now I'm 20 and have that love
A career blooming beyond my wildest dreams
And yet I'm still that little girl inside
And it's ruining everything about me. 
I need to be strong, yet I struggle every night
I'm scared, I admit.

I worry that writing these things down undermines everything.
But I don't say any of this out loud

To keep out the mysterious jinx
That haunts our mortal life's.

I think sometimes that I'll die from the inside 
before the outside even gets a chance.
That that little girl will rip me apart 
And try to become Me


Will it be better at 25 or 32? 
Or am I just a tortured soul
Meant to roam the lands and forever strive for more?
But with great pains come great joys. 
And with both comes experience and confidence.
So maybe I am strong
Or at least learning.