On the Dark Side of the Sun

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Sinking when I should be swimming.
Suffocating when I should be breathing.
Suppressing when I should be embracing.
Falling into a hole that I can't climb out of
As the walls grow higher and I grow weaker with time
But the water starts to fall and the tide brings me up
To the dark side of the sun where I can live freely
And not scar my skin or scorch my eyes
Where I can't faint or dehydrate and bust my chin again.
The dark side of the sun casts me a friend to always walk by my side
Who can't talk back and can only trust my stride.
A friend who mimics every gesture, every twist, every gyration and vibration. 
But this friend can't hold me or pull me out of that deep hole I find myself in at times.
She's only a figure, a shadow, a cast
So for now she can be my friend as I bask in the dark side of the sun
And we'll lay for hours until the moon takes her away from my side.