Lina Scheynius

I have recently discovered the photographer Lina Scheynius. Coming from Sweden she left home at 16 and only took a few photography classes in high school. Using 35mm film she documents her personal life and has shot for several fashion magazines including British Vogue, AnOther magazine, Elle US, Numero Korea, and one of my favorites Dazed and Confused. 
 I love her use of placement of the subject in context with the surrounding furniture or scenery that allows the two to connect in such obvious yet coincidental ways that make the moment feel very raw and natural. With soft lighting and flashes she is able to make the subjects come alive for us as though we were actually there and feeling what they are feeling. You can feel the darkness, you can feel the wind and hair whipping across your face, you can feel the rising sun coming in on your skin almost literally.

 I even just realized that she shot the Anthropologie magazine for this past season and I have one of the pictures on my select wall of inspiration photos. 
Coincidence or obvious indeed Miss Scheynius....

To see more of her work her website is here.